Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to backup iPhone to PC?

This article shows how to backup iPhone to PC. It is easy to transfer iPhone data to computer once you know how it is done. There are two types of iPhone data you can backup to computer. Choose from the two below:

How to backup iPhone contacts
How to backup iPhone Music and apps

Backup iPhone contacts:

It is essential that you keep a safe backup of iPhone contacts as a copy on your computer, even if you are using the iCloud or another account (email, exchange) as a way to sync iPhone contacts.

The iCloud is not always perfect and there have been known issues of iPhone contacts disappearing from device after iCloud sync. Here is how to make sure you backup iPhone contacts to your computer before it’s’ too late.

What will you need in order to transfer iPhone contacts to your computer:

The steps:

For the fully detailed steps, look here: How to backup iPhone contacts to computer

1. Download and run CopyTrans Contacts - the app linked above - on your PC and connect iPhone to computer. Your iPhone contacts will instantly appear within the main program window

2. Select all of your iPhone contacts by ticking the check-box next to Contacts

3. Next, simply drag and drop the contact selected from the program’s main window to any folder on your computer. I have chosen to create a new folder called “iPhone contacts backup” and place my iPhone contacts there

4. Now it’s time to select the format in which you want your iPhone contacts exported. It all depends on what you want to do with your contacts. If you are simply backing up for an eventual later restore to your iPhone, choose the iOS option

Note: If you want to export iPhone contacts to a contact manager application such as Outlook /Thunderbird, or your email, select the appropriate option

5. Now your iPhone contact entries will appear in your folder on your computer

6. This is how you create a safe backup copy of your iPhone contacts via the small iPhone contact backup app.

Also, check out the YouTube video below to see the iPhone contacts backup in action:

You can find the full step-by-step guide to backing up iPhone contacts to computer by referring to the following page: How to backup iPhone contacts to computer

Backup iPhone music and apps:

Now that you have learned how to backup iPhone contacts, you can easily transfer iPhone music and apps to your computer as well.

Here is what you need in order to backup iPhone songs and applications to your PC:

  • Your iPhone loaded with apps and music
  • Access to your email account
  • A Windows PC
  • A tool used to backup and transfer iPhone music

The steps:

1. Download and run a small program designed to backup iPhone music to PC and connect your iPhone to your computer. Your iPhone apps and audio/video tracks will show up within the program window

2. Now you can transfer iPhone music to computer by either using the program in Manual or in Smart mode. Manual mode will let you select each track you wish transferred to your PC and will let you choose which folder you want the tracks and/or apps backed up to

3. Smart backup will compare the contents of your iTunes library with the contents of your iPhone and will only backup iPhone music/video and apps which are not already present within your iTunes library. Your iPhone will be backed up directly to your iTunes library, as a result you must have an active iTunes installation on your computer

4. After you click on the “Start backup” button wait for the iPhone backup process to complete

5. You have now managed to backup iPhone music to computer via using CopyTrans.

Have a quick look at the video below which summarizes the above steps in order to backup iPhone music and apps to your computer:

This is how to backup iPhone to PC via using nothing more than two small apps, an iPhone and your computer.

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