iPod to computer

How to transfer iPod to computer?

You want to get music off the iPod, back to your computer but you don't know how? Here's an easy solution:

Install CopyTrans or use the standalone version out of the zip folder.

Open the software and connect your iPod to your computer. If iTunes is installed on your computer you'll be in the smart iPod/iPhone backup mode. Switch to the manual iPod backup mode.

ipod to computer

Now, follow these instructions:

  1. Select the iPod tracks that you want to back up on your computer or on an external drive
  2. Once selected click on iPod "backup to folder"
  3. Select the iPod backup folder and the name of the iPod backup archive
  4. Now you've got the possibility to change some settings like the hierarchy of the folders and the structure of the tracknames. By default CopyTrans will save them the way iTunes does. Once you adjusted the settings, confirm your choice
  5. ipod touch to computer
  6. Click "Start Backup" and CopyTrans starts copying your iPod contents back to the PC
  7. iphone to computer transfer
  8. Once the transfer from iPod to computer has finished, a short summary will show up informing you about the number and kind of media files transferred
  9. Eject your iPod and close CopyTrans
  10. Now, you can import the backed up files to iTunes, when- and wherever you want
  11. To import your music back to iTunes please follow this guide:

import ipod to itunes