iPhone to iTunes

How to copy music, videos, books playlists etc. from iPhone to iTunes?

At the moment Apple doesn't let you copy music from the iPhone back to iTunes, if you didn't purchase the tracks in the iTunes Store itself. In case your PC crashes, or you deleted iTunes music accidentally, you therefore have to use a third party app to retrieve your iPhone music.

Honestly, I tried plenty of these apps, promising to get your music off the iPhone straight back to iTunes. Most of them created duplicate files, didn't copy ratings or playlists, or had some other kind of bug. Nevertheless there was one program, which worked the way it was advertised. A simple but reliable piece of iPhone backup software, called CopyTrans.

I downloaded it from the following page:

iPhone, iPod and iPad Backup Software (iPhone to PC, iPod to iTunes)

The installation was done in a minute and I also found a portable standalone version, which doesn't require any installation.

How to copy contents form the iPhone to iTunes?

  1. Launch CopyTrans and connect your iPhone to your PC
  2. CopyTrans detects the iPhone and loads its contents in a few seconds
  3. By default the app opens in the "Smart Backup" mode, meaning the only thing to do is clicking the "Start Backup" button

iPhone to iTunes
Image from copytrans.net

How does CopyTrans work?

CopyTrans automatically detects which of your songs or videos are already in iTunes. This way CopyTrans avoids copying iTunes songs twice and your iTunes library will stay free from duplicates. This "Smart iPhone Backup" Feature also leads to a faster iPhone backup to iTunes, as only necessary stuff will be transferred from the iPhone back to iTunes.

Does CopyTrans only transfer videos and music from the iPhone back to iTunes?

No, CopyTrans copies the following contents from the iPhone to your iTunes library:

Music, videos, TV-Shows, podcasts, audio-books, books, PDFs, voice memos, ringtones, iTunes U, playlists, smart playlists and your tag information like ratings, play counts, album artwork, date added and so forth ...

Can I try it?

Yes, you can use the free trial version of CopyTrans to copy 250 iPhone tracks back to iTunes or your computer. The full version is available for the price of one iTunes music album and absolutely worth it's money. You want to find out more about it? Go to: iPhone, iPod and iPad Backup Software (iPhone to PC, iPod to iTunes)