How to backup iPhone contacts to computer

There exist a number of ways to backup iPhone contacts online, but just a few ones that allow you to copy contacts from the iPhone directly to the PC. One that is easy to use and allows you to transfer and backup contacts from iPhone to PC is called CopyTrans Contacts. Below you will find a detailed guide showing you how to back up your iPhone contacts using this tool. An alternative way of backing up iPhone contacts to PC is shown using iTunes.

Backup and transfer iPhone contacts to computer using CopyTrans Contacts


  • An iPhone with iPhone contacts loaded
  • Your computer
  • CopyTrans Contacts; download it from here: backup iPhone contacts

How to back up contacts from iPhone to computer, detailed guide:

1. Once you downloaded CopyTrans Contacts, start the program and connect your iPhone. You will see iPhone contacts appear directly in the app window on your PC

2. Next, select the iPhone contacts you want to backup to computer. You can select all contacts by clicking CTRL+A or checking the tick-box next to “Contacts”

Note: If you want to select only certain contacts, hold the CTRL button and start clicking on individual iPhone contact entries one by one

3. Now click on the “Export selected” button and choose a folder on your PC where you want the iPhone contacts backed-up

Note: You can also effectuate the iPhone contact transfer by simply opening the folder on your computer and then dragging/dropping the contact selection from the main CopyTrans Contacts window to that folder

4. A new window will pop up asking you in what format you want to back iPhone contacts up. It is recommended that you select the “iOS” option if you are planning of restoring the iPhone contact backup to your iPhone at a later stage

5. You can now navigate to the folder where you created the iPhone contacts backup. Your contacts will appear just as they do on your iPhone

Contacts from iPhone to PC using iTunes


  • An iPhone with iPhone contacts loaded
  • Your computer
  • iTunes

Warning: only follow the below steps if you have automatic iTunes sync disabled and you are sure to have all of your iPhone songs loaded within your iTunes library. An iTunes sync may pose a risk of deleting some or all of your iPhone data.

1. Open iTunes and connect your iPod

2. Select your device from the left-hand side pane and navigate to the “Info” tab. Tick the “Sync Contacts with” option and from the drop-down menu, select “Windows Contacts”. Finally, click on the Sync button at the bottom right-hand side.


  • Make sure that all the “Sync” options from the “Apps”, “Music”, “Movies” tabs, etc are un-ticked in order to avoid deletion of data during iTunes sync
  • Make sure not to select the “Outlook” option from the drop-down menu if your Outlook address book is empty. Regarding Outlook, iTunes is only able to sync your contacts one way – from your Outlook to your iPhone. If you have an empty Outlook contacts book, your iPhone contacts list will also be emptied

3. You will see your iPhone contacts backed up to your Windows Contacts folder on your PC.

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